Ms Crystal and Ms Flor’s students were engaged in selecting today’s meal from a banquet prepared to represent so many different countries. Students have been engaged in learning all about their uniqueness and how special each one of them


Students in Ms Ella and Ms Raquel’s classroom dressed up with their cultural costumes and came ready to continue learning and celebrating all the different cultures represented in their classroom. As part of Family Engagement, families participated by bringing in their favorite family and cultural meal or dessert to share with the class. Students were


Students in Ms. Samantha and Ms. Elena’s classroom wore beautiful traditional, cultural costumes to as they participated in today’s cultural festivities. Look at these amazing costumes. Families were part of this wonderful tradition at ABC Preschool. They joyfully participated by sharing their family and cultural foods and desserts. Students were able to take part in


Students spent time during this unit sharing about their culture and ended with a huge Cultural Feast, complete with cultural meals and costumes.   Unit 3 of our UPK curriculum explored “All About Us” and invited students to learn all about their cultural differences and similarities. As part of our Family Engagement this month, families

Self Portrait Class Quilt

UPKs Unit for November was filled with so many wonderful learning moments. Ms. Wazma and Ms. Laffi’s students had a wonderful time learning all about making self portraits with visiting artist, Aaron Duran. Students talked about their emotions and all about how to draw facial features and place them where they go. Our students have

Fall Fun

One day at ABC Preschool. Pumpkin Fun.


Students in Ms. Sylvia’s classroom are really digging in to Harvest Time fun. Students enjoyed taking pumpkins and analyzing their lines, the inside and outside, using magnifying lens, and having conversations with their friends about their discoveries. At ABC Preschool, children explore and learn in a way that is fun and unforgettable. _Angeline Duran

Pre-K and Our Five Senses

Ms. Wazma’s students enjoyed learning all about how to mix and create cookie dough and then roll it up into small balls. They took turns placing them on baking pans and later on were able to see what happened when they came out of the oven. Thank you, Mary, Jordan’s mom, who took time to

October Harvest Celebration

Our Senses In Action Our Five Senses and Pumpkin Fun

Fire Safety in PreK

As part of our Family Engagement Fun, Justin Rivera’s family visited Ms. Samantha and Ms. Ella’s Pre-K classroom with some great Fire Safety prevention and safety. What a great experience for our students! _A.Duran