66-20 LAUREL HILL BLVD., WOODSIDE NY. (718) 672-2424

Our Summer Camp will end on Friday, August 22nd, and our new school year will begin on Tuesday, September 2nd.  We will be closed from August 25th to September 1st, but you can contact us by phone or in our online email form!

We are open Monday – Friday – 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM. School bus transportation is available.  Please contact us for more details.

Register now for the Summer and Fall- We have the Universal Pre Kindergarten full day program for our 2014-2015 school year!


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My Little Pony Ride

The pony rides were all dolled up for our children to take, for some, their first pony ride ever and at ABC of course! The Bronx Equestrian Center provided us with 2 beautiful ponies to have our kids ride around in our big backyard. They waited all month long for the ponies to get here

Jump Bunch Was Here!

Sports day was so much fun with Jump Bunch at our school!  They provide organized and structured sports activities for all ages and we were lucky enough to have a few Coaches share their love for all types of outdoor games.  The children were so happy to go outside, warm up, run through fun tubes

Olympics Week in Summer Camp

What a fun, school spirit, Olympics week we had at ABC!  The sprinklers were on in this hot weather and the kids enjoyed every second of it.  We had another delicious BBQ in the middle of the week where they all got to sit on their picnic tables, enjoy their meals and yummy watermelon.  Our main

Sprinklers, and BBQ’s, and Petting Zoo’s …. OH MY!

Summer Camp at ABC had a fun filled week of activities, water fun, delicious food, and even a few animals stopped by to visit our students!  We had our sprinklers working hard on the hot summer days that started the week off; the kids danced and played in their bathing suits all afternoon.  In the

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ABC Preschool & Kindergarten Center

66-20 Laurel Hill Blvd., Woodside NY 11377

Tel: (718) 672-2424



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Gina B.

My son attends abc preschool. And we love everything the staff is great. The education level is incredible, the food is homemade. The administration really listens to the parents concerns and suggestions.

Santos Rob.

Since my son started ABC Preschool, I have notice a positive change on him. For once he loves ABC Preschool and his teachers. A true outlook in education and my son is enjoying it. As a parent education is my priority and I’m happy with ABC Preschool to start his education. .

Ellona David.

Great school, great staff, excellent teachers and assistants my son attends to the school and I love it!

Svetlana Aminova.

Great education! Very organized management.Teachers are wonderful.

Erika Szabo Kiss.

The best choice by far! Structured setting.

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