Our school is centrally located in the heart of Queens and is easily accessible by public transportation. We offer modern fire proof buildings that contain spacious, well lit, cheerful, immaculate, air conditioned classrooms that are fully stocked with a tremendous assortment of educational, recreational, musical, creative materials and equipment such as all type of block building sets, puzzles, books, computer activities, paints, clay, cooking, housekeeping furniture and utensils.

We also offer on our very own premises, a large 7,000 sq. ft. recreational outdoor area where children enjoy the many pleasurable hours playing with a variety of safe and sturdy equipment that is designed to exercise, stimulate, and develop their tiny muscles. The entire outdoor area is completely enclosed with a six foot high fence to insure safety and complete privacy.
Our indoor gym, designed with comfort and safety in mind, is filled with colorful mats, bouncers, barrels, balls bars and much more! Exercise is taught to develop strength, balance, flexibility, improved coordination and self-confidence.
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