Our diverse and age appropriate subjects in Kindergarten help children be ready for elementary school (socially and mentally prepared with the skills they will need to lead an easier and more successful life).

The creative curriculum is planned around the idea that, through hands-on learning, children can accomplish anything. A focus on language arts, writing, concept of self, author studies and the world. We try to bring the children up together as individuals with a wide range of subjects and interests to spark curiosity.

With fascinating books, reading areas, pretend-play areas, dress-up stations and organized learning centers, they feel right at home; eager to listen and gain new knowledge. The children will continue to discover and dive further into what they have previously been taught, but this time, more in depth. Kindergarteners also participate in Level 4 Physical Education with zumba, gymnastics and outdoor play.

Of course, we also teach music, dance and other arts.
They will learn about larger numbers, sight words, upper- and lower-case letters, writing full sentences, and completing workbooks. We also begin giving homework nightly for reinforcement and development of work ethic.

Our Kindergarten Curriculum prepares children not only for the first grade, but also for any Gifted and Talented Programs you may wish to enroll your child in.

Come join the fun and learning at ABC Preschool & Kindergarten Daycare Center!